About me


Hello, my name is Nico. I am eleven years old. I study at King’s College School in Cambridge, UK, where I’m helping to lead our Eco-Society. I am a citizen of the world but only hold the passports of Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.
As a United Nations Child Ambassador of the Rights of the Child and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), I am working to help protect nature and the rights of future generations locally and globally! I am also Co-Chair of the Cambridge Schools Eco-Council with kids from many schools here in the UK. Through speeches in international and local conferences and events, hosting online Eco-Seminar mini-series about the SDGs, and helping to organise Cambridge’s climate-strikes, I’ve been trying to raise awareness and educate about sustainability locally and globally.
I love reading, drama, art, languages, cricket, polo, swimming, canoeing, exploring history and nature, ice-skating and roller-blading. I also play the clarinet and the piano. 🙂
I love nature and animals – I advocate protecting endangered species like my two Herman tortoises and advancing the SDGs for kids, and that’s why I have created this blog. 🙂
Join me on a global quest to stop climate change, save endangered species, and conserve and restore nature by advancing sustainability!