About me


Hello, my name is Nico, I am eleven years old. I study at King’s College School in Cambridge, UK. I am a citizen of the world, but only hold the passports of Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

As a United Nations Child Ambassador of the Rights of the Child and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), I have travelled to speak and participate in events about the rights of future generations all over the world! Some awesome cities like London, Paris, New York, Casablanca, Hamburg, Bristol, Mexico City, Cancun, Suva, Ottawa, Montreal, Honolulu, and other cities over the last four years.

I love singing, dancing, acting, reading, playing chess, polo, swimming, canoeing, ice-skating, roller-blading. I also play the clarinet 🙂

I absolutely love nature and animals, I am an advocate of endangered species along with my two tortoises, that’s why I have created this blog 🙂

Join me on my quest to save endangered species!